This Standard-Examiner file photo shows employees inspecting equipment at Fresenius Medical Care in Ogden.

OGDEN — Ogden City will give up a portion of a city-owned street so one of Weber County’s largest employers can expand.

Earlier this week, the Ogden City Council approved an ordinance that allows the city to vacate the remaining portion of Center Avenue between 1619 South and 17th Street so Fresenius Medical Care can move forward with expansion plans.

Ogden Planning Manager Greg Montgomery said Fresenius has acquired all the properties adjacent to the proposed vacation, so the street vacation would not create issues related to property access. There is a large sewer line that runs through the Center Avenue right-of-way, Montgomery said, an easement will remain in place to allow the city to access and service the line.

Portions of Center Avenue have been vacated to Fresenius in past years. A large portion of the street was vacated in 2000 and additional portions were vacated in 2015 and 2019. Tuesday’s measure completes the street vacation of north Center Avenue to allow Fresenius to expand their campus.

Brett Barton, with Fresenius, said the company has several plans for expansion, but increasing parking at their campus is the top priority for the street vacation.

City policy allows for the vacation of a portion or all of a dedicated right-of-way if there is good cause to do so and it will cause no harm to people o the public interest.

Montgomery said the move will help local manufacturing operations expand and thrive by allowing Fresenius to expand and connect properties surrounding Center Avenue.

Since the acquisition of the right-of-way was not completed through a subdivision process, the street is deemed surplus property by the city and Fresenius will be required to pay Ogden for it.

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