OGDEN — An Ogden man was sentenced Friday on four separate sexual assault and kidnapping cases, and will be sent to prison.

A district judge sentenced Genaro Gabino-DeJesus, 43, to spend at least the next six years in a Utah state prison, but could be there for much longer if the state board of pardons adheres to the judge’s recommendation.

Gabino pleaded guilty to multiple counts, consisting of one count of aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony; kidnapping, a second-degree felony; forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony; and two counts of attempted forcible sexual abuse, both third-degree felonies.

Gabino was arrested last April and charged with aggravated kidnapping. A month later, he was indicted on the kidnapping charge in a separate case. Both charging documents allege that Gabino drove up in his car to women before using force to either get in them in the car or keep them in the car. Gabino sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman in the two cases.

In January, prosecutors filed more charges against Gabino, alleging that he assaulted a 29-year-old woman and a 17-year-old girl.

During the Friday court hearing, Gabino was quiet and shackled as statements were made by victims or family members.

“Because of you I will never be able to be the same,” one woman said. “If I didn’t say anything, you would still be out there, doing this to others. ... I hope you rot in hell.”

The mother of the 14-year-old girl spoke on behalf of her daughter. She said that before the attack, her daughter was sociable and excelled in her schoolwork. Now, she said, her daughter deals with insomnia and won’t go to school.

“She doesn’t know how to get her life back,” the mother said.

A third victim spoke during the hearing, and said she was 18 and had just moved out of her parent’s home and into a new home when the assault occurred. Within a few weeks, she moved back with her parents, saying she couldn’t stand to live alone.

“I thought once this was all over I would be OK,” she said. “A year later, I still feel the same as the day it happened.”

Gabino, speaking through a Spanish translator, declined to address the court during the Friday hearing.

Deputy Weber County Attorney Nicholas Caine said the fourth victim was not in the courtroom, and had moved across the country in the effort of getting away from memories of the attack.

Judge Michael DiReda said that he would adhere to the state’s recommendation of six years to life in prison, citing he had the opportunity to give Gabino 15 years if the 14-year-old would testify in court. Neither prosecutors nor DiReda wanted to put her through that, and thus the six-year sentence was agreed upon.

DiReda said he thought long and hard what to say to Gabino upon sentencing. Apart from the crimes Gabino committed, DiReda said the fact that Gabino has been deported from the United States four times was troubling to him.

“There are good men, women and children who want to come into this country for honorable reasons, a better life and to contribute to society,” DiReda said. “Individuals like you destroy that for others. Individuals like you make it difficult for good people to come into this country.”

DiReda went on to say that when Gabino arrives in prison, he will “strongly” recommend to the Utah State Board of Pardons that Gabino stay in prison far longer than the mandated six year sentence.

“You have demonstrated that you are a danger to this community and the nation,” DiReda said. “These ladies will carry with them physical and emotional injuries for a lifetime, and your suffering should be at least that long.”

Gabino will be transferred to the Utah Department of Corrections to serve his prison time.

Jacob Scholl is the Cops and Courts Reporter for the Standard-Examiner. Email him at jscholl@standard.net and follow him on Twitter at @Jacob_Scholl.

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