OGDEN — Parents and students waved signs at traffic on 12th Street Monday, calling for IFA Country Store to share access to a nearby intersection with students and staff at Weber Innovation and Two Rivers high schools.

Students report several dangerous spots turning in and out of the school parking lots.

While the left turn out of the school parking lot onto 12th Street is hazardous, the eastbound right turn into the school’s entrance is also a problem according to those protesting, requiring drivers to decelerate from 50 miles per hour to almost zero only 150 feet after leaving an intersection.

In order for students to use the light to access their parking lot, they would need to drive on a road built on IFA property.

County records label this road a public easement, but IFA says that the road serves as a public easement only to other properties within the same subdivision.

IFA has erected a barrier blocking students from using the road. Weber School District is suing IFA for access, and the most recent ruling was in favor of IFA.

While litigation continues, parents say they want IFA to remove the barrier, said Rebecca Gurnee, a parent.

“At what point do you give up a little bit of right for some social responsibility?” said Charlotte Ekstrom, a parent of a student at Weber Innovation and one at Two Rivers.

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