Long before there was Pie & Beer Day, there was … Pie & Ear Day.

At least, that’s the story one LDS congregation is sticking with.

Earlier this month, the women of the Clearfield 18th Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held an activity that was cleverly dubbed “Pie & Ear Day.”

“It was a cute spin-off name,” said Nancy Gardner, wife of the congregation’s bishop.

Gardner said the idea was to combine pies and ears of corn in an event that playfully commemorates this month’s July 24th state holiday.

“The ladies made pies, and we had corn on the cob,” said Gardner, whose home was the setting for the activity.

She said the women also learned line dancing, had a taffy pull and made aprons out of dish towels in the pioneer-themed event.

“It was quite successful,” Gardner said. “On Sunday (after the event), everyone was saying, ‘Let’s have this be an annual thing.’ ”

Heather Lee is the president of the ward’s Relief Society, the women’s auxiliary organization. She said while the ward doesn’t get a huge turnout for the monthly Relief Society activities, which are held on the first Tuesday of each month, July’s Pie & Ear Day easily doubled the number of attendees.

“Everybody brought their favorite pie, and we also ate corn on the cob,” she said. “It was very successful. We’re definitely planning on doing it again next year.”

The only thing Gardner would do differently next year?

“The corn was a little late coming on this year,” she said. “We had to purchase it at the store, so the sweet corn wasn’t quite as good as it could have been. I would suggest to our people that we postpone (the event) a little next year, so it’s closer to the 24th.”

Lee said, for the record, they didn’t get the idea for Pie & Ear Day from the more sinfully named Pie & Beer Day. Rather, it came from one of her Relief Society counselors.

“One of my counselors had done it years and years and years ago in another ward,” she said. “So we weren’t copying Pie & Beer Day. The name came from Pioneer Day, long ago.”

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