Police lights breaking news

CLINTON — Police have released the identity of a man shot and killed by police in Clinton on Sunday.

Allen Scott Culpepper, a 64-year-old Clinton resident, was shot by an officer with the Syracuse Police Department after a three-hour standoff between Culpepper and police, according to a news release from the Syracuse Police Department.

Police in Clinton were dispatched to their own parking lot after a 911 hangup call was made around 11 a.m. and was traced to the back parking lot of the Clinton City Police Department.

Clinton officers quickly arrived and found an “emotionally distraught” man was locked in his car with “multiple firearms within his reach,” the release said. Officers from nearby agencies were called to the scene to assist.

Police allege that Culpepper had “multiple weapons” in the vehicle and refused to surrender the weapons to police, according to the release.

Clinton Police officers tried to negotiate with the man for over three hours, but he “refused to surrender all the firearms,” the release said. A Syracuse Police officer later shot and killed Culpepper, and he died at the scene.

Culpepper allegedly had a “prior suicidal call history” with the Clinton Police Department, police said in the press release.

The Davis County Critical Incident Investigative Protocol is handling the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.

The officer who shot at Culpepper has yet to be identified, but the news release notes that the officer has over 15 years of experience in law enforcement. The officer was placed on paid administrative leave after the shooting, according to the press release.

Immediate details regarding why the officer fired his gun and the events leading up to the shooting have not been released by law enforcement.

Jacob Scholl is the Cops and Courts Reporter for the Standard-Examiner. Email him at jscholl@standard.net and follow him on Twitter at @Jacob_Scholl.

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Why is it taking so long for the cops to give there reasoning for shooting this guy? They’re leaving out the most important part


Is it just me or does anybody else agree that’s it’s kind of weird police still haven’t said why they shot and killed this guy? Multiple agencies were on sight so there should be plenty of eyewitness who can answer that question.

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