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The Utah Department of Transportation has finished construction near the intersection of 12th Street and Washington Boulevard.

OGDEN — The 12th Street traffic snarl is officially over.

The Utah Department of Transportation wrapped up construction at the intersection of 12th Street and Washington Boulevard Tuesday, with all lanes in the area — including a set of new turn lanes — open for travel.

In June, UDOT started work to build dual left turn lanes at all four points of the heavily-traveled intersection.

The left turn lanes at all directions of the intersection had become increasingly congested, with traffic often backing up there during peak commute times in the morning and evening. Traffic backup in the turn lanes was known to spill over and cause congestion in the adjacent travel lanes.

With the $3.2 million project complete, UDOT spokesman Vic Saunders said congestion at the intersection should no longer be an issue.

"The intersection is fully open and it's functioning well," Saunders said. "We expect to see a very significant improvement in mobility there for years to come."

The two state-owned roads (Washington Boulevard is also US-89 and 12th Street is State Route 39) are among the busiest in Weber County.

According to traffic statistics provided by UDOT, an average of 23,000 vehicles traveled through the intersection daily in 2016 — an increase of more than 3,000 from just two years earlier, when in 2014 daily traffic at the intersection was under 20,000.

In 2016, the only 12th Street location busier than the intersection with Washington Boulevard was near the Interstate 15 Interchange.

Aside from motorists using the road to access I-15, 12th Street is also used to access recreation opportunities in the Upper Ogden Valley and it’s the main entry point into the Business Depot Ogden, a business park with more than 6,000 employees.

"It's one of the busiest areas of Weber County," Saunders said. 

As part of the project, UDOT acquired right-of-way and moved utilities in the road, but only made “strip takes” of land to widen portions of both 12th Street and Washington Boulevard.

All businesses in the area remain intact after the project.

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Just curious as to why 3 of the 4 have concrete barrier next to the turning lanes but not the one on the north side? Do you know?


[censored] 3.2 Million dollars on a road!!! Seriously? All the while you have small businesses on Washington/12th who suffered severe income loss/possible bankruptcy because of your unnecessary road upgrades of 3.2 Million.. Try fixing the Potholes in downtown or in the Potholes in the 24th Street Viaduct. Here's to shittin on the little guy. [thumbdown]


Yeah!!! Finally an end to the awful traffic at this intersection.


Yeah, at least until UDOT decides to tear it up again in another 2-3 years! Why does it seem like some part of Washington Blvd. is ALWAYS under construction?

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