BZ Real Ogden Portraits Carin Carter

Carin Carter holds her son, Caleb Carter, in their Marriott-Slaterville apartment complex.

'I literally mean it’s a smelly dump'

When Carin Carter calls Ogden a “smelly dump,” she’s not being metaphorical. She’s saying that, like a landfill, it’s full of garbage and it smells bad.

“I literally mean it’s a smelly dump,” the 25-year-old Marriott-Slaterville woman says. “And not only the environmental impacts of it, but also aesthetically.”

Carter relocated to Ogden from Port Angeles, Washington, in May 2012. She was expecting so much more.

“My mom was raving about Ogden — that’s what brought my husband and I down here,” she said.

But when they arrived?

“Total culture shock,” Carter says. “Recycling is a big thing up there in Washington; you get charged if you don’t recycle.”

But here, Carter says fewer people recycle.

“The large families here have a lot of garbage, but they don’t want to pay for the extra can,” she said. “So where does all that garbage go?”

It ends up on the streets and in the trees and all over Junction City, according to Carter.

“It blew my mind the garbage flying around this town all the time,” she said. “You see grocery bags in the trees. It’s gross.”

Carter says it’s even worse on holidays like Independence Day. She was surprised after her first Fourth of July celebration in the Beehive State to see all the spent fireworks littering residential streets.

“There was all this garbage out in the gutter,” she said. “Just heaps of garbage.”

And Carter says things have “gone downhill” since she moved here.

“If we want ... people to want to come to Ogden, we’ve got to take more pride in our community,” she said.

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