'Bad stuff in Ogden is nothing compared to where we came from'

Deborah Schultz her husband, Mark, have seen Ogden evolve a lot since they moved here from the Bay Area about 12 years ago.

Schultz, 65, said downtown Ogden was a pretty scary place in those early years.

“It was empty, and it was full of big puddles, and nobody went there for anything because there was nothing down there,” she said.

But now, after years of cleanup, new businesses and community events, Schultz feels safe to the point where she doesn’t lock all of the doors of her home, which is near downtown.

That’s because while living in California, her son was mugged while coming home from high school.

“Bad stuff in Ogden is nothing compared to where we came from,” she said.

Schultz likes Ogden because of its multiculturalism and laid-back atmosphere.

“We bought a 100-year-old house in what most people would consider an undesirable area but we didn’t feel that way at all,” she said. “We liked being able to walk wherever we wanted to go.”


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