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Kait Hazlehurst works downtown as the development director for the Ogden Downtown Alliance.

'Ogden is eccentric and unapologetic and unlike anywhere else...'

Kait Hazlehurst, 22, embraces Ogden because she loves the underdog.

Over the last month, the Standard-Examiner invited people to share their thoughts on Ogden through a survey. Hazlehurst responded and elaborated on what she thinks is the best thing about Ogden.

“The hands-on, all-in community that shows up for anything and everything,” she wrote. “I've never seen a community that comes together and supports each other's projects, dreams and business quite like Ogden.” 

Hazlehurst, who’s lived in Ogden for 13 years, said she turned away from a career in commercial property management a year ago to become development director for Ogden Downtown Alliance (ODA). She enjoys being part of this core group of die-hard Ogden fans who see where the town is going. 

“I'm excited,” she said. “We are working hard at the ODA to make downtown a vibrant community and a cultural epicenter, because there is just no other place in Utah that has the gritty past and rebellious personality that Ogden has.”

Hazlehurst has friends in Salt Lake and beyond who still think Ogden is a "rough" place, and she always ask them — when is the last time you were there?

“Because Ogden has changed and grown drastically in the past few years, and many people outside Weber County just have no idea,” she said. “I invite them to Farmers Market Ogden or to Harvest Moon or to Twilight. And they always come back for more. Ogden is eccentric and unapologetic and unlike anywhere else, and that is what makes it great.”


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