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Timothy Boone stands outside of the Weber Housing Authority offices. Boone was homeless when he moved from Salt Lake City to Ogden, but now has steady housing with assistance from the housing authority.

'There are problems up here, but it’s special.'

The first time Timothy Boone came to Ogden was 1997. He was living in Layton at the time and got a job downtown working at America Online.

Back then, Boone liked what he saw.

“Ogden is a great place,” he says.

The second time Boone came to Ogden, four years ago, it was as a homeless man. And through that experience, he’s come to love the city.

“It really is a special place,” Boone said. “There are problems up here, but it’s special.”

Born in Mesa, Arizona, Boone grew up in Salt Lake City, attending Olympus High School.

The one word that best describes Ogden, according to Boone, is “compassionate.”

“I wasn’t getting help in Salt Lake City, but within three months, Ogden had me housed,” the formerly homeless man said. “People up here understand we all have problems, and they’re willing to help out.”

Boone acknowledges Ogden has its share of problems — including crime — but he still thinks it’s one of the best places in the state. He appreciates the “fun stuff” going on in Ogden, things like car shows and free movies.

And for those who struggle to make ends meet, Boone touts things like the food bank run by Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah and the Oasis Community Garden in central Ogden.

Boone says programs like these cement Ogden’s reputation for being a caring place to live.

“There’s got to be a lot of us homeless up here,” Boone said, “because it’s such a compassionate place.”


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