Pleasant View monument

This image shows the rendering of a monument to recognize veterans from Pleasant View that will be considered in an upcoming proposal.

This story has been updated to reflect the Major Brent Taylor Foundation's involvement in the project.

PLEASANT VIEW — Pleasant View City is working on a plan to make sure all military veterans there — past, present and future — are formally honored.

Pleasant View City Administrator Amy Mabey said the city is developing a proposal that involves erecting a large monument featuring the names of all the town’s service members. The monument would be built on the south side of Pleasant View’s City Hall, located at 520 W. Elberta Dr., and would include names of former and current service members, along with space for the names of future military veterans.

When Pleasant View passed its Fiscal Year 2021 budget, it included $25,000 in funding for the project. Mabey said the project has been discussed for several years and prior fundraising efforts by City Council Member Kevin Bailey and his wife, Christine, have yielded about $5,000 that will be put toward the effort.

A subcommittee consisting of Mabey, Bailey and Mayor Leonard Call recently reviewed several proposals for the project, landing on a concrete and granite design that would be built by Pleasant View-based Stone Supply and Monument. According to City Council documents, the monument will feature high-grade black granite and clearly represent each branch of the military, along with city residents associated with each of the branches.

The total cost of the project is $42,150, which exceeds the city’s current funding cache by $12,150. The proposal also doesn’t include costs for additional concrete that will be needed, lighting and the installation of a clock tower that was previously donated to the city from the old Ogden LDS Temple site.

The Pleasant View City Council will consider the Stone Supply bid during its Tuesday meeting.

Bailey, who said his wife has been the driving force behind the project, says local fundraising efforts will continue until the project is finished and the city will seek donations for materials and labor. The project was inspired in part, Bailey says, by his father-in-law Gilbert Taylor, who was a veteran of the Navy.

“We’ve really thought of it as kind of a pipe dream for a good while,” Bailey said. “But it’s exciting to see it start to come together and get this thing closer to becoming a reality.”

According to Bailey, the North Ogden-based Major Brent Taylor Foundation organization and James Hammon are working with the city to forward the project.

Mabey said the city hopes to dedicate the monument by Veterans Day this year, which is on Nov. 11.

Until then, the city is looking to compile names of resident veterans.

“That’s the main thing we want the public to know right now.” Mabey said. “Pending council approval (of the bid), we will be seeking names of individuals ... who are or have been residents of Pleasant View to include on the monument.”

Mabey said a Google form is active on Pleasant View’s website for those wishing to submit names for inclusion.

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