KAYSVILLE — Mayor Steve Hiatt isn’t seeking re-election, setting up a battle to pick a new leader for Kaysville.

Three hopefuls are running, and they will be whittled to two in primary voting, which concludes Aug. 15. Those top two vote-getters face off in the Nov. 7 general election.

Four candidates are running for two city council posts, but voters won’t weigh in on them until the general election.

The responses have been edited for clarity.

Rustin Jessen

Age: 36

Occupation: Self-employed in advertising and live entertainment

Previous elective offices: None

Focus as mayor: Kaysville is facing countless operational challenges, but our largest issue by far is a city council mired in infighting, mistrust and insolent behavior toward each other and, by extension, the city we love. I would like to represent my hometown as mayor with a well-honed skill set and a breadth of experience managing disparate personalities and large organizations to positive results. I will be an advocate for you, an active communicator and a transparent decision maker. Every move I make will be measured against the four keys I believe speak to the core values of our city: Safety, honesty, efficiency and identity. Learn more at www.rustinjessen.com.

Lorene Kamalu

Age: 50

Occupation: Management consultant, master of public administration 2018 candidate, homemaker

Previous elective offices: None

Focus as mayor: Citizens guided Lorene Kamalu’s focus:

  • Advocacy and action for roads and highways
  • Safe walking and cycling for school and active transportation
  • Efficient, effective city council meetings
  • Local business support to increase city revenue
  • Mayor office hours and public service line
  • Preservation of Kaysville’s character

Kaysville leadership experience:

  • Kaysville planning commissioner
  • Kaysville-Farmington Active Transportation Plan Committee
  • Kaysville Business Support meetings with staff support
  • Windridge Elementary School Community Council in Kaysville
  • Citizens Police Academy graduate, Davis County

As mayor of Kaysville, Lorene Kamalu will continue to listen, learn, work hard and put citizen interests first. For more information, visit www.lorenekamalu.com.

Katie Witt

Age: 45

Occupation: Citizen advocate

Previous elective offices: Longmont, Colorado, City Council, 2009-2013

Focus as mayor: As a proven conservative leader, Katie Witt will bring the community together – residents, employees, businesses, schools, churches – to develop a strategic plan. What do we want Kaysville to look like, feel like, and how should it operate in 10 years? Twenty-five years? With a vision in place, policy and funding decisions become clear, which saves taxpayer money.

As the only candidate with council experience, Katie understands her role to set the council up for success. Council rules and procedures will be fair and enforced, and residents will be given ample opportunity to weigh in on important decisions early in the process.

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