Story by TIM VANDENACK • Standard-Examiner Staff

Editor's Note: Seth Allen's candidate information has been removed from the listing here. He has been disqualified as a Bountiful City Council candidate, per state statute, because he filed his financial disclosure form with city officials past the 5 p.m., Aug. 8, deadline, according to Bountiful city officials. Votes cast for him will not be counted.

Bountiful has the most crowded primary election ballot among Davis County cities — six are vying for mayor, and nine are running for two city council spots.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, Aug. 15. The two vote-getters in the mayoral contest and the top four finishers in the city council vote move on to the Nov. 7 general election. The city council positions are at-large spots.

For more information about the election of voting in Bountiful, visit the city's website.

Mayoral Race

Jim Clark

Jim Clark is a candidate in Bountiful's mayoral race.


Age: 74
Occupation: Retired owner/operator of Clark Wholesale Produce
Previous elective offices: Davis School Board, 2008-2012

Focus as mayor: Decisions have been made on important issues while ignoring the will of the people, creating a lack of confidence in current elected officials. The controversy surrounding the building of a new city hall and tearing down Stoker School illustrate this point. I am concerned about inadequate notice of public meetings, resulting in diminished opportunity for public input. I’m concerned about our roads and the lack of attention to the infrastructure of the city. We need to put this divisive time behind us and restore confidence in our local government so we can deal with current challenges.


Dean Collinwood

Dean Collinwood is running in Bountiful's mayoral race.


Age: 67
Occupation: Law clerk/legal consultant, McConkie Law Offices, Bountiful
Previous elective offices: None

Focus as mayor: The city of Bountiful has a big backlog of​ deferred maintenance projects: Streets that need to be re-paved, telephone poles that need to be replaced, parks that need attention. That will be my focus for at least the first half of my term. We also need to restore confidence in our government, so I will be doing a lot of public outreach to bring people in, including creating a number of citizen action committees.



Randy Lewis (incumbent)

Bountiful Mayor Randy Lewis is running for another term in the position.


Age: 68
Occupation: Health care administrator
Previous elective offices: Current Bountiful mayor, finishing first term

Focus as mayor: We have great plans that will positively affect Bountiful's future. These projects include the new city park Creekside, downtown plaza, renovating the current city hall and securing a new library and senior center working with the county.


Bob Lindsay

Bob Lindsay is a candidate in Bountiful's mayoral race.

Age: 59
Occupation: Engineer
Previous elective offices: None

Focus as mayor: My focus as Bountiful mayor will ensure proper planning, review and announcements for city council and planning commission agendas. I will work with the city council to eliminate situations where budget increases, moratoriums and policy changes are voted on without appropriate discussions and community input. I will improve business development by identifying available inventory and reaching out to state, local and business leaders who want to invest in our community. The mayor's office is the leader for building economic development bridges. I will review city operations and identify new and innovative approaches to reduce spending and maintain a balanced budget. Visit


John Pitt

John Pitt is a candidate in Bountiful's mayoral race.


Age: 55
Occupation: Educator/business development consultant
Previous elective offices: Bountiful City Council, 2000-2007, 2014-present

Focus as mayor: As a 50-year resident of Bountiful, I have come to recognize that attracting and retaining the next generation of citizens to live, work, shop and lead in Bountiful is today's most important task. As mayor, creating the right mix of opportunity, affordability and variety to enhance Bountiful's future will be my key objective.

A Bountiful future is one that offers an inviting yet affordable place for all residents to live, has the infrastructure to ensure services are safe and cost-effective and also promotes a robust economy driven by diverse employment, recreation and shopping opportunities. Please see for my detailed plans.


Nicholas Dean Price

Nicholas Dean Price is a candidate in Bountiful's mayoral race.


Age: 37
Occupation: Business consultant and yoga instructor
Previous elective offices held: None

Focus as mayor: With over a decade of management experience, I know what it takes to listen and find solutions, navigate complicated issues and be fiscally responsible.

It’s time for a leader who is energetic, willing to listen, motivate and lead Bountiful city and its citizens. We have lost trust in our government. I’m ready to work to restore trust and confidence to Bountiful city government through honest ego-free hard work.

I will work to create open meetings and opportunities for public involvement. I care about Bountiful City and am willing to work to make it a great place.

 City Council


Alex Densley

Alex Densley is a candidate in Bountiful's City Council race.


Age: 28
Occupation: Claims handler for auto insurance
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: My focus as city councilman would be regaining the trust of the community. Through the past several years, Bountiful city has had multiple hot topic issues. The most notable one was the new city hall. The trust that was in the community for the city was strained beyond measure.

As my main running point, there should be more transparency and communication between the city and its citizens in order to rebuild that trust. This can be accomplished through a better city website, information sent to residents with their bills weeks in advance and through social media.


Clint Halladay

Clint Halladay is a candidate in Bountiful's City Council race.


Age: 34
Occupation: Project manager for a custom marine canvas and upholstery shop
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: I will focus on being engaged and continue to walk neighborhoods and have one-on-one conversations with our neighbors. Doing so will keep me connected with the people of Bountiful and help share what the city is improving. On top of this, I would like to see the city emphasize updating and maintaining our infrastructure. Our roads, our water mains and our power grid could all use more attention. Including putting a plan in place to work with those embracing solar. The city should look to benefit from this excess energy instead of viewing it as a burden. Go to or


Kendalyn Harris (incumbent)

Kendalyn Harris is running for a second term on Bountiful's City Council.


Age: 42
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Previous elective offices: Current Bountiful City Council member, finishing first term

Focus on city council: My focus is infrastructure maintenance and effective communication with residents. Open dialogue allows city government to know what needs are and to communicate plans for improvement. Kendalyn demonstrated her commitment to hearing resident concerns by her work to implement a public comment period at city council meetings. She posts information online to encourage feedback from residents. She diligently responds to residents’ emails and phone calls. Kendalyn pushed for surveys to be sent to residents to better gauge public opinions. She will continue to listen, collaborate and find win-win solutions. This will be key to Bountiful’s success despite future challenges we face.


Bret Hutchings

Bret Hutchings is running for a spot on Bountiful's City Council.


Age: 35
Occupation: Senior IT analyst, owner of Stonecreek Tree Co.
Previous elective offices held: None

Focus on city council: With good intention, our past and current officials have been focused on the non-essentials. It is time for a course correction.

I will focus on the most neglected fundamentals, which are: First, the relationship between the city and the residents. Second, the immense amount of failing infrastructure (streets, water, power) without a complete plan or proper funding. And third, the lack of accountability on flawed processes and performance.

I commit to keeping residents informed and will let your voice guide my actions. Proper accountability will start on day one and will be paramount to making OUR Bountiful the best it can be.


Kenny Knighton

Kenny Knighton is a candidate in the Bountiful City Council race.


Age: 65
Occupation: Owner, K&J Auto Sales, Bountiful
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: Kenny Knighton is a current member and past president of the Utah Independent Auto Dealers Association, long-standing member of the Bountiful Main Street Merchants Association and co-founder of the Better Bountiful Committee and “No New City Hall” campaign, which collected over 4,000 petition signatures. Kenny cares deeply about the people and issues of Bountiful. Kenny was one of five plaintiffs seeking to put the new city hall issue on the ballot. Kenny is dedicated, skilled and experienced in business. Kenny wants to work for and with the people of Bountiful. As a council member, Kenny will seek to limit closed city council meetings and televise them.


Mason Don Milligan

Mason Don Milligan is a candidate in Bountiful's City Council race.


Age: 30
Occupation: Health care
Previous elective offices: None

Focus on city council: The generational shift that is taking place. As a fifth-generation Bountiful resident, I love and respect the core values and traditions that I have been taught and the foundation that has been established within our community.

It’s now time for the younger generation to follow in these footsteps. By improving our streets, utilities, parks and recreations, working together on the deer population, while protecting the Bountiful city limits and foothills.

We must establish great community camaraderie and bring these two great generations together. The Bountiful Main Street splash pad will bring us together once again.


Chris Simonsen

Chris Simonsen is a candidate in Bountiful's City Council race.

Age: 72
Occupation: Pediatric dentist
Previous elected offices held: None

Focus on city council: I am running for my grandchildren to have a safe place to be raised. I want a strong police force and fire department. I want safe streets. I understand we do not have much room to grow our economic base, so our power plant is integral to our tax base. I want a Veterans Memorial Park to honor those who have served this great country. I am the only one running for city council who has actually created an event in Bountiful that has clothed needy children for 19 years. It is the Bountiful Rotary Coats for Kids Car Show.


Seth Robert Wright

Seth Robert Wright is a candidate in Bountiful's City Council race.


Age: 39
Occupation: Nonprofit outreach, Ph.D. political science student
Previous elected offices held: None

Focus on city council: Transparency is at the heart of every critical issue in Bountiful. I will work to stream online video of Bountiful’s open meetings for greater transparency in government. Residents want readily available information concerning how Bountiful conducts business and spends taxpayer dollars — video streaming our open meetings online is a strong first step. I have filmed and posted video of Bountiful city’s debates at Local government is the government that touches our lives the most. If you feel the same need for transparency as I, then I ask for your vote. There is no need to legislate in the dark!