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Weber County voters will pick among federal, state, county and school board hopefuls in 2018 elections. In this photo, Josh Kindall votes at the Weber Center in Ogden on Nov. 7, 2017.

OGDEN — Weber County voters will have plenty of candidates to choose from in elections this year.

It’s not a presidential year, but voters still have important choices to make — for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, in several county races and also for school board. Here’s a rundown, with information coming from the the Weber County elections office:

Federal races: The U.S. Senate post now held by Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Republican not seeking re-election, is on the ballot as well as the 1st District U.S. House seat, held by Rep. Rob Bishop. Bishop is seeking re-election one more time before retiring, he says, and one, perhaps two others, are also interested in the seat.

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State contests: The District 18 Utah Senate post, now held by GOPer Ann Millner, is up for grabs.

The Utah House seats sitting at least partially in Weber County that are up for grabs, with current officeholders, are District 7, Justin Fawson; District 8, Gage Froerer; District 9, Jeremy Peterson; District 10, Dixon Pitcher; District 11, Kelly Miles; District 12, Mike Schultz; and District 29, Lee Perry. All the House incumbents are Republicans.

Weber County races: The Weber County Commission seats now held by James Ebert and Kerry Gibson are on the ballot. Other county seats up for election, with current officeholders, are county attorney, Christopher Allred; county clerk/auditor, Ricky Hatch; and sheriff, Terry Thompson.

School contests: Ogden School District board seats on the ballot, with incumbents, are District 2, Doug Barker; District 4, Jeff Heiner; and District 7, Joyce Wilson. Weber School District board seats up for grabs, with incumbents, are District 1, Dean Oborn; District 2, Mitzi Kawaguchi; District 3, Bruce Jardine; and District 6, Janis Christensen.

Several judicial retention races will be on the ballot and two state school board seats.

Candidates may seek a place on the primary ballot via party caucus or petitioning. Those petitioning have from now until March 15 to declare their intent to gather signatures. All candidates must file their declarations of candidacy between March 9 and 15, according to the Weber County elections office.

The primary is scheduled for June 26 and the general election is Nov. 6.

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