Larsen Lane

The intersection of Larsen Lane and Washington Boulevard, Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019.

HARRISVILLE — The Utah Department of Transportation and Harrisville City are combining on an effort to rebuild an important Weber County connector road.

Sometime in 2020, the two entities will team to widen the entire length of Larsen Lane in northern Weber County. UDOT is currently accepting bids for the construction, according to Utah Transportation Commission documents.

UDOT Region One spokesman Vic Saunders said the project is a “local government” road project, where UDOT administers funds for the project and provides an advisory role, but since the road is owned by Harrisville City, they will lead the construction.

Larsen Lane provides an important connection between three busy state-owned roads in Weber County: north Washington Boulevard (400 North), U.S. 89 and Wall Avenue. According to the latest traffic statistics from UDOT, the road sees an average of about 10,000 vehicles per day. About 30,000 cars pass along Washington Boulevard every day where the road intersects with Larsen Lane. Further west, 15,000 daily vehicles travel on Wall Avenue just south of the Larsen Lane intersection.

“Traffic can get backed up on Larsen Lane, especially between four and six o’clock in the evening,” Saunders said. “So this project will improve mobility there, especially during those peak commute times.”

During the past half decade or so, many homes have been built in a new subdivision just north of Larsen Lane. Vehicles turning left into the subdivision often cause traffic to back up to U.S. 89 because there is essentially no shoulder room on either side of Larsen Lane. Saunders said a center turn lane, which would be part of the widening, would immediately alleviate that problem.

Larsen Lane is dotted with homes along both sides of the street, but Saunders said setbacks to the homes a long enough that the project will likely have little impact on area home owners.

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