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Oak Hills Drive intersection on U.S. 89 on Thursday, March 7, 2019. 

FARMINGTON — The state is adding another significant chunk of money to the Northern Utah U.S. Highway 89 reconstruction scheduled to start next year.

On Friday, the Utah Transportation Commission approved a deal that will add $1.05 million to the project, bringing its total value to just under $480 million.

Ivan Hartle, Utah Department of Transportation‘s director of financial programming, said the money comes from a previously funded project to build a road grade separation of Nicholls Road at U.S. 89 in Fruit Heights. That project, which had been funded for $15 million, was never completed and instead rolled into the larger U.S. 89 project.

According to transportation commission documents, $13 million had already been transferred from Nicholls Road to U.S. 89. The remaining $2 million was to be used on a State Environmental Study for the larger U.S. 89 project. The $1.05 million fund balance from the completed study is what was transferred back into U.S. 89 on Friday.

UDOT is finalizing the design and construction schedule for the larger U.S. 89 project, which will widen the highway from four lanes to six, between Farmington and Interstate 84 in Weber County. The new road will include signalized cross-street intersections and new interchanges added at 200 North in Kaysville, 400 North in Fruit Heights and at Oak Hills Drive, Gordon Avenue and Antelope Drive in Layton.

At Nicholls Road in Fruit Heights and Crestwood Road in Kaysville, U.S. 89 will pass under those streets. The plan also includes new side roads, pedestrian bridges, a multi-use trail and bicycle improvements. UDOT is also continuing with property acquisitions and finalizing a noise study on the project. According to UDOT’s website for the U.S. 89 project, noise wall balloting is expected to occur in January 2020.

UDOT added significant amounts of money to the project several times during the past year.

In March, the state added about $200 million to the project, allowing for a series of design changes that were identified during the environmental study. As part of the changes, U.S. 89 will now cross underneath the local streets and not over the top of them.

In October, the transportation commission approved a deal that allowed UDOT to abandon a planned $2 million Interstate 84 bridge deck replacement project in Uintah, and transfer the money to U.S. 89. The money will be used to rehabilitate two bridges over the Weber River on U.S. 89, approximately 0.2 miles south of the original project boundary.

Though no firm construction dates have been set, UDOT Region One spokesman Vic Saunders said the project is likely to begin sometime in 2020.

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