OGDEN — Homeowners in West Haven, on average, can expect the biggest hike in their property tax bills for 2018, 19.9 percent, if plans to implement a city property tax for the first time move forward.

That amounts to a $329 increase compared to 2017 on an average-valued home, from $1,649 to $1,978, at least to cover city, school district and Weber County property taxes, which, between them, typically get the lion's share of property tax revenue.

But those living in Weber County's other cities aren't off the hook.

Homeowners in all 15 cities here — again, on average, factoring just city, school and county tax needs — can expect spikes when tax bills from the Weber County Treasurer's Office arrive in the mail starting in late October. Pleasant View residents will see the smallest relative jump on an average-valued home, around 8.8 percent, from $1,911 last year to $2,078, while Ogden residents can expect a jump of perhaps 10.1 percent, from $1,390 to $1,531.

The Standard-Examiner calculated property tax estimates for average-valued homes in each Weber County city for 2017 and 2018, tapping figures from the Weber County Clerk-Auditor's Office — average home values and tax rates, some still to be finalized, for each of the years. Just city, school and county tax estimates were figured, though tax bills typically contain property tax charges for other, smaller taxing entities, like sewer and mosquito abatement districts. 

Whatever the case, cities, schools and counties gobble up most property tax revenue, nearly 90 percent of property taxes paid by some Ogden homeowners in 2017, and the figures offer a hint of what homeowners here can expect when bills are issued. Of course the numbers cited here won't reflect all cases — some own homes worth more or less than the averages in each city, and changes in values from 2017 to 2018 because of new assessed valuations, which figure in the estimated bills, vary from home to home.

In figuring most homeowner property tax bills, county officials start with the taxable value of a home, amounting to 55 percent of the market value as determined by the Weber County Assessor's Office, which sent out valuations for 2018 to property owners in July. Then they multiply that value by the tax rate in each taxing entity — city, county, school district and the others — and add the numbers up.

Here are some takeaways from the numbers:

  • The typical Huntsville homeowner, on average, will have the largest property tax bill in 2018, $2,314, up from $2,038 in 2017, the highest that year as well. Driving that, Huntsville homes had the highest average value in both years and the biggest increase in valuation, 18.7 percent, from around $332,000 in 2017 to $394,000.
  • The potential largest-in-the-county, 19.9 percent increase in West Haven property tax bills stems from the proposed implementation of a city property tax for the first time, still to be officially accepted and the focus of a Aug. 15 hearing. Without the new city tax, the average property tax bill would go from $1,649 in 2017 to $1,824, a 10.6-percent increase, seventh-biggest among the county's 15 cities. Marriott-Slaterville and West Haven are the only two Weber County locales without a city property tax and West Haven officials are seeking implementation of one for the first time in part to help keep pace with the cost of paying the Weber County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement protection.
  • Harrisville residents, on average, are in line to have the lowest bills in 2018, $1,267, up from $1,142 in 2017.
  • Roy and Washington Terrace residents will have the lowest increase in dollar terms, up $119 to $1,392 and $1,357, respectively, partially a function of relatively low home values. Roy and Washington Terrace rank 13th and 14th in terms of home values for 2018 among Weber County's 15 cities.
  • Ogden's average home value for 2018 ranked at the bottom in Weber County at around $196,000 while estimated bills on such homes for 2018 ranked near the bottom, 11th among the county's 15 cities.

Proposed tax rates that would boost property taxes in Ogden, South Ogden, West Haven and Weber School District — used in calculating tax bill estimates here — are still subject to public hearings.

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