Ah, winter.

While the calendar might not yet say so, our mountains and weather do.

And with the annual resurgence comes the oft ignored refrain: stop driving like a summer maniac.

For whatever reason, despite being a state known for its snow, we forget each year how to drive when it comes back around.

Luckily there were no fatal crashes on Interstate 15 and other local state routes earlier this week when snow graced the roads, but it does not mean there weren’t crashes all along the way.

The Utah Department of Transportation, of course, issued its warning that motorists slow down and exercise increased caution when traveling in inclement weather. It would also be wise to winterize your vehicles if you have not done so already, with winter tires and other appropriate winter safety devices you might need on hand.

Some of the most often ignored advice includes adjusting one’s speed as it takes faster to stop on snow or ice and avoid sliding. Giving other motorists adequate space to slow down on wet roads is also important. There should be extra space in front of you and the next vehicle — less than a car length is not sufficient. Braking early and slowly will help prevent a crash and provide adequate control on icy and snowy roads.

It may not be the deadliest days to be on the road in Utah, but that doesn’t mean we all couldn’t use a reminder of increased caution as we get our “snow legs” under us. After all, going fast in wet winter weather will not get you to your destination quicker: either you’ll be foiled by traffic induced by another crash or cause one of your own.

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