Crestview gifts 02

With the assistance of Santa, Layton High student body officers delivered gifts to every student at Crestview Elementary School in Layton on Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2019.

The Christmas holiday is now passed, but for many the holiday break continues, and so do the needs of many local children. 

In the spirit of Christmas, we were happy to report at the Standard-Examiner on fundraising efforts led by youth across Northern Utah. 

In particular, we shared the stories of two high schools who raised thousands of dollars to support local nonprofit efforts. Clearfield High students raised $57,000 for the Davis Community Learning Center, which provides basic clothing needs, pre-school programs, citizenship classes and free therapy for local students in select schools. Layton High students also raised thousands of dollars — at least $34,000 — to purchase gifts for every student at Crestview Elementary School and the majority to Davis Education Foundation, which serves homeless children in Davis County.

The students took this charitable effort so seriously that some reported donating weeks' worth paychecks from part-time jobs or weeks of lunch money (and effectively skipping lunch) so as to donate it to those who might be in more dire need. While we never want any child to go hungry, it is inspiring to see such selflessness in our youth. It is a beautiful reminder that while many of us experience the joy of gifts during this season — many of which are extravagances — there are those among our neighbors and friends who seek the most basic needs: warm coats and pants, access to medical care and a safe place to live.

These two high schools were most definitely not the only students across Northern Utah actively serving others. So many dedicated time and school projects to serve others, whether that was younger disadvantaged students in the districts, or those struggling with cancer. It's inspiring to see the generosity and kindness that exists in the coming generation, and how they seek to support others, even if they don't have a lot to give themselves. 

This spirit, is the true spirit of the holidays, and one that we wish we could all keep with us the whole year through. The year 2020 will be no exception; it will be a better year only if we remember to exhibit this same generous attitude 12 months a year.

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