Weber Co intergenerational poverty 03

Ogden neighborhood east of downtown on Friday, September 21, 2018. Weber County has received a grant to help launch a pilot program to fight intergenerational poverty, focused on families living in east-central Ogden.

Despite the negativity in the national political stage, there’s so much we have to be grateful for in Northern Utah.

This year has been full of growth opportunities for our communities as a whole; for our schools and Weber State University, in our city governments, in celebrations of our history and heritage.

Collaborative steps are being made between Davis and Weber counties to address economic development in Northern Utah together to establish and draw businesses to our area with strategy and cooperation that will provide more jobs for the growing population of Utahns.

There are some this Thanksgiving holiday that are struggling with homelessness, intergenerational poverty and addiction. Weber County’s new hire this past year to assist in local agencies’ efforts to intervene with those struggling in the cycle of intergenerational poverty is a positive step for uplifting not just those families but countless future generations in Utah, and setting them up to be stronger and more successful. Addressing the shortages of beds and resources for individuals and families who are homeless can be difficult; that doesn’t mean many people and nonprofits aren’t trying their darnest here. In 2019 there seems to be increased focus and efforts in working towards realistic solutions in Northern Utah, and across the state.

During the holidays, it can be much easier for each of us to remember the needy in the cold, wintery weather; to go the extra mile to provide a meal to those that are hungry and tight on money; and even provide Christmas to children in families who don’t want them to miss the magic of Santa because they’ve fallen on hard times. There is no shortage of opportunities to volunteer and be generous; think of the joy that can be spread if each of us choose one avenue to act on. There is so much to give thanks for, and in turn extend some of those blessings to those who are less fortunate.

At the Standard-Examiner we are incredibly grateful to serve Northern Utah, and for our supportive readers who are continually invested in and concerned for our communities and fellow neighbors. We give thanks that we are afforded the opportunity each day to tell your stories, connect you with each other, and hopefully strengthen this place we all call home.

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