Daylight Savings 01

Ogden High School is seen at 6:40 a.m., 38 minutes before sunrise, on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020. If Utah were currently on year-round daylight saving time, as has been proposed in the Utah Legislature, this is when Ogden High students would be arriving at school.

THUMBS DOWN: Voting turnout in Weber County was recently reported at 25% going in to Super Tuesday. This isn't exactly a major election with plenty of races to decide and issues that need the public's voice. Instead, it's limited to the race for president. Further limiting turnout is that the Democratic field is much more competitive than the other side -- as is usually the case in a presidential election year. Let's hope turnout is higher for the general election in November.

THUMBS UP: To the attempts to translate notes discovered from an interview with former Ogden brothel operator Rossette Davie. The notes are providing clues into the history of the community and adding intrigue to Davie's relationship with authorities and the way she ran her operation.

THUMBS UP: To The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for taking substantive steps to protect its members serving missions in areas affected by COVID-19, more commonly known as the coronavirus. Quarantines, closing temples and pushing back conferences are all quality choices for avoiding possible transmission of the virus. With Utah residents traveling all over the world, the risk here is relatively high for transmission in the local area. That is not something we want to happen.

THUMBS UP: To the Legislature for supporting a permanent move to daylight saving time. If Republican Gov. Gary Herbert signs the bill into law, it still requires Congress and four Western states to take similar action. This is mostly laying the foundation for a change in what is otherwise a frustrating change in time twice every year.

THUMBS UP: The Utah House approved a bill that would reclassify polygamy from a felony to an infraction. The intent is to incentivize individuals in a polygamous arrangement to seek law enforcement and other services when in need without the fear of imprisonment if they are otherwise law abiding. This is a positive step toward recognizing that polygamy exists in Utah, removes stigma, discontinues the legal oppression of a generally-religious minority and allows them access to certain services without explicitly endorsing polygamy at the state level.

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