Standard-Examiner Editorial Board

THUMBS UP: Three cheers for another form of public transportation in Ogden. Hundreds of Lime electric scooters hit the streets Friday in downtown Ogden, providing a cheap alternative for residents to get from point A to point B. Although e-scooters are not without controversy — improper parking and use can cause a public nuisance, and many people have been injured while riding in other cities — we think this is a great opportunity for Ogden residents. Like Mayor Mike Caldwell and Utah Transportation Authority officials, we hope the e-scooters will encourage residents to consider alternates to their cars during the three-month trial period.

Be safe and scoot on, Ogden.

THUMBS UP: After weeks of gloomy skies, rain, and (ugh) snow, the sun is finally out! Get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts, Northern Utah. Rain is in the forecast for next week, but it looks like the wet weather will clear out for another gorgeous weekend. We’re beyond ready for spring to start.

THUMBS DOWN: It shouldn’t take a week and a half for campus officials to issue a statement denouncing white nationalist and supremacist activity on campus. Unfortunately, that’s what Weber State University administrators decided to do when white nationalist stickers appeared in early April. While we understand the university’s desire not to more draw attention to the white supremacist group in question, such a slow public response is a disservice to the students and staff of color and other marginalized groups on campus. No students should have to go to class knowing hateful stickers had be found... and wondering why their administrators wouldn’t speak out sooner.

If Weber State wants to show that it values diversity and multiculturalism, it needs to establish a strong, clear plan to address hateful messages if or when they pop up in the future. Students of color should be notified immediately and directly when groups that may cause them harm are active on campus, whether they are student groups or not. Weber State administration should learn from this incident, and not let their minority students down again.

THUMBS UP: Thank you to Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox for sharing your personal struggle with depression and suicidal urges to students at DaVinci Academy in Ogden earlier this week. Cox showed excellent leadership in addressing one of the state’s most pressing public health concerns. Utah lost at least 39 kids ages 10-17 to suicide in 2018, according to Utah Department of Health statistics. That’s 39 children too many.

Cox urged DaVinci students to reach out and find help, to focus on “how much hope there is for you, how bright your future is” when they’re in dark spots. We second his message, for people of all ages in Utah who might be struggling. There is hope for you and we want you to stay.

If you’re struggling with suicidal urges, you can call the statewide helpline at 801-587-3000 or the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).


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