Carnivoros de Ogden 11

The Ogden Raptors announce a new Spanish name, logo and uniform, Los Carnivoros de Ogden, on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019, at Union Station. The Raptors will take the field wearing the new uniforms every Sunday home game in the 2020 season.

THUMBS UP: It’s turkey time! We know some of you have already skipped on to Christmas, but in our opinion, Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays. We look forward to cherishing our time with our friends and family and reflecting on the tender mercies we’ve experienced this year. As Utahns, we have so much to be grateful for.

THUMBS DOWN: It’s always worrisome anytime there’s an Amber Alert put out. Sharing pertinent information with the public can be key to assisting public safety agencies in securing the safety of a child — like this week in the case of an infant being removed from its primary caregiver in Clinton. We’ve noticed, however, in the last few months in Utah when Amber Alerts have gone out that they have done so with minimal or no information whatsoever. All this ends up doing is confusing and startling a public who overwhelm phone lines and social media channels. This chatter distracts from the key purpose which is to spread identifying information. We’re not sure how effective the alert text of “Call 511 for information,” which is perpetually a busy tone, constitutes effective public awareness. People want to help in these situations; the state needs to make sure it’s processes are improved.

THUMBS UP: The Ogden Raptors’ new alternate team name that acknowledges and is inclusive of Ogden’s Hispanic community was a wonderful announcement this week. The Raptors are joining the Minor League’s Copa de la Diversion series with teams across the country and will be one of 22 joining this coming year and will be called Los Carnivoros de Ogden for select 2020 games. We think this is fantastic way to engage all of Ogden’s residents, and not just the English speaking. We echo the sentiment already shared that this effort shows Ogden cares about its Latino community and its contributions and that the area can be more inclusive in cultural integration.

THUMBS UP: We support a current plan to be proposed in the upcoming legislative session by a state representative to permit schools in Utah to destroy confiscated e-cigarette devices. Schools are confiscating more devices from students as they bring them to school; the devices can be made to look like everyday objects and are slowly being shown to be dangerous to our youth’s health. We need to provide options to our educators to protect our kids’ health when they’re caught with these devices in our schools.

THUMBS DOWN: It’s always heartbreaking to hear of an officer fatally injured in the line of duty, and it is no less when a K-9 dies too. This week, Farmington lost one of its K-9 dogs, Chopper, after he was hit in traffic. These animals do an incredible amount of work in aiding officers on calls and seeking out dangerous pursuits with potentially armed suspects or drug busts. It’s a sad loss of life and critical resource for that community.

THUMBS UP: Yes, like so many of you we’ve hopped on that Disney+ bandwagon. Did you know that Utah searched for information about Disney+ prior to its launch 30% more than any other state in the U.S.? Pretty sure that qualifies as Disney obsessed, but this is not new to Utah. There are many parts Utahns will likely love about the streaming platform — from episodes about ice cream to films and series shot right here in Utah.

THUMBS UP: Northern Utah has been honored to have been home to Wat Misaka during his life. He died at age 95 on Wednesday, but his contributions to the community and country will not be forgotten and live a long legacy. Our thoughts are with his friends and family mourning his loss.

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