Bloomberg should consider running as a Republican. Currently the Republican Party has no candidate for 2020 that has both money and minimal integrity. William Weld has integrity, but no money and Donald Trump has money but zero integrity. He was recently found to have taken money he claimed he raised for military veterans and dumped it into his own campaign, etc.

Moreover, in his only general election, Donald Trump did at least two percentage points worse with voters than Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, which are now often considered mediocre candidates. In fact, he did worse with voters than Romney; he got only 46.09 percent of the vote; Romney got 47.20 percent. Romney’s better performance with voters is even more impressive when it’s recalled that he had the challenge to run against the likable and scandal- free Obama; Trump not only had enormous and critical help from Putin and Wikileaks; he had the luxury of running against the most investigated and vilified woman of human history. Many of the Trump votes were really anti-Hillary votes where the voter held their nose and voted for the self-confessed womanizer.

The Democratic Party already has enough candidates and there’s reason to believe any one of them could beat Trump, since all their aspirants collectively carry less baggage than the woman who got 2.86 million more votes than Trump last time. A change of 78,000 votes in three states would have cost Trump the presidency; Hillary’s win of the popular vote was greater than Trumps win of the electoral college by a factor of over 36. Moreover, in the three pivotal states the Green candidate, Jill Stein, garnered more votes than Trump won by.

If an individual, with outside help, just barely passed an exam and a change of less than 1% would have caused them to fail, it is reasonable to conclude luck played a role. Why did the shallow and superficial media create an impression that Trump was a political giant? The record shows that at the very best Trump is an extremely mediocre candidate.

Republicans admire successful businessmen and entrepreneurs; that’s why many of them supported Donald Trump. Bloomberg’s business and entrepreneurial success dwarfs Trump’s and every other individual who has ever held the presidency. He should not be discounted because he holds some Democratic views; Trump has changed his party affiliation about seven times and probably given 80% of his donations to Democrats. And Trump rejects many traditional Republican positions on tariffs, trade, and foreign policy etc. that Bloomberg would embrace.

It is astonishing the Republicans do not have a backup plan or a Plan B in case Trump has health problems, legal problems with the women suing him, legal problems with the state of New York, etc. It is foolish to put all eggs in one basket.

About half of Utahns have indicated they would prefer an alternative to Trump.

If Bloomberg wants to break the power of the Trump cult (those who think he is above the law or those who would not be bothered if he shot someone), he should jump into the Republican ring and focus on issues and start slugging it out with Trump right now. The only thing that has held back previous challengers is a lack of money. That would not be a problem for Bloomberg.

Rick Jones is a retired Weber adjunct who taught economics and history.

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