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Antonio Manzano did prep work Wednesday to paint the interior of one of the new Oak Den bungalows in east-central Ogden. The project is part of a nine-block area that city officials hope to revitalize by way of an urban renewal plan.

As part of our Real Ogden project, the Standard-Examiner asked people to tell us what they consider the city’s safest and least safe neighborhoods.

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Here’s how readers responded when we shared the survey on Facebook. All quotes are verbatim:

Mosiah González: I dunno. I get the heebie jeebies every time I go through West Ogden, but that's just me.

I live in central business district and love it. Never had any problems in the year and a half I've been here.

To be honest, I do not think Ogden is bad at all. I believe it's just the aesthetics that throws people off.

Nikki W Hales: Let everyone else keep thinking it sucks and we will all be here knowing it doesn't.

Tiffany Staud: I lived in the central business district for a bit, just behind the shops on 25th and I liked it. Never felt unsafe. There were a lot of homeless people near wall but when asking for money if told no they were still nice and let you be.

David Sevenikar: From monroe to wall ave from 30th to 12th street are most unsafe south east and north ogden are safer if you want to be safe in ogden get to know the people fear makes you a target its not as bad as thought to be.

Ty Olsen: I don't like anything west of Harrison.

Pamela Berry: I am not afraid of anywhere in Ogden. I think snobs have a hard time with the poorer parts of Ogden. I love what IndiOgden group are doing. And the builders are doing to bring life to the homes in the run down areas.

Brenda Somers: There are no one areas that are safer than another. Crimes are committed everywhere. Drug dealers really like living in upscale neighborhoods. Most theifs go outside of where they live to steal.

Alexander Patterson: I currently live in the Horace Mann area and love it. Feel safe. Feel safe for my children. I grew up in West Ogden and felt safe there too. But as was stated in an earlier post, crime can happen anywhere. So I just try to be on the look out for shadiness.

Rich Hood: I grew up 15 minutes from East St. Louis, spent time in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, San Antonio... There's no place in Utah I don't feel safe.

Janis Walton: I have lived all over Ogden in my lifetime. Started out in liberty, lived in North Ogden, 24th street above harrison and middle Ogden area and know south Ogden. None of it is a bad area, although down below wall by the homeless center is a place I would not want to walk alone at night. Ogden has character and I love it!

Jason Sphar: I'd say East Central. I lived there many years back. But Ogden doesn't really scare me like West Valley does. Seems like whenever I watch the news, and they say there was a murder, before they say where it was, i always say "I bet it was in West Valley." And i am usually right.

Tina Denise Orris: Just moved to West Ogden from South Ogden and love it. Does have a bad rap but its perfect for me countrish. My son rides his dirt bike around. I also lived central 28th and Monroe. 14yrs was way better than Tacoma WA where I grew up.

Kenzie Lujan: I've lived on 23rd between Madison and Monroe, that was like tweakerville lol then moved to West Ogden. I've been in West Ogden for 6 years now and it is not scary to me at all. I've never really had problems here.

Alison Hernandez Corey: I lived on 16th St near Lorin Farr Park for 10 years never had any problems. Then we moved above 21st & Harrison and our neighborhood would get robbed every summer! crime is everywhere.

Veronica Vasquez: Idk about the least safest theirs bad people everywhere, but we moved to SouthEast Ogden and compared to our old neighborhood this area is pretty quiet and nice.

Chloé Walker: I live on the border of Central Business and East Central. I've lived in 4 other neighborhoods in this city, and have spent my whole life here. I love this city, and I love watching it grow and change. We've come SO far.

Shylie Austin: I say West Ogden for least. And 25 th street is the best or the neighborhoods by the mountains; (south east ogden, mount ogden).

Eladio Pauel Flores: I'm not afraid of Ogden, I kind of enjoy the atmosphere besides the dog food smell.

Dallin Warner: All of Ogden is a very safe city. Have any of you ever been to Oakland?

Mary Neal: I live in the T.O. Smith area and feel like we have a great neighborhood.

Kenzie Cloyd: We have lived in East Central area for almost 3 years, I love it.

Bige Treto: Never go to PINGREE BLOCK when the sun goes down. Just saying.

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