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Letter: A new state flag isn’t wanted and isn’t needed

Jan 25, 2023

The problem with this campaign to replace our historic Utah Flag is, the legislature has already spent half a million dollars or more, and seem to be spending even more every day to advertise and try to convince the public to support it, while the vast majority of the public (many different polls indicate between 70% to 90%) is against the move.

I have even heard some say that it would really be a waste of all that money to come away empty handed.

I agree. However, in typical government fashion, if something isn’t working, their solution seems to be spend more money and see if it will change the results.

That is the epitome of stupidity.

Spending more money will not change the results, but only dig the pit that these legislators have thrown us all into even deeper. In a November – December 2021 survey the legislature commissioned, 55% of respondents felt that our current flag represented Utah well. Why then would they move forward with a move to replace the flag?

Who stands to benefit from this move? Evidently not the people of Utah, because if the flag is approved, it becomes public domain and anyone can profit from its marketing and sales.

Is someone getting paid to push this?

Are they getting massive campaign donations to do so?

These are questions I wish I had answers to.

It is time to cut our losses and end this charade. I only wish we could back charge the legislators and marketers who came up with this ridiculous idea and reimburse the state for the misuse of public funds.

Jim Owens



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