This week my heart broke.

My heart broke for our country and the people who lack civility and truth.

My heart broke for our democracy and the leaders in it who think that they can say and do anything they want without consequence.

My heart broke for the vitriol and divide that is being exhibited publicly by political leaders.

My heart broke for thousands of people fleeing to the U.S. borders wanting to live in a world where they will not fear being raped, beaten, robbed, and killed.

My heart broke for the teenage girls, boys, toddlers, and babies who are separated from their parents after a harrowing journey.

My heart broke for the single mothers and fathers who want a better life for their small children but are disappointed.

My heart broke for the TV personalities who can hardly get though the news without shedding a tear.

My heart broke for the journalists who were killed while honoring the First Amendment.

This week my heart broke. Next week I have hope.

Jeanene Porter


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The lazy people, who have not improved their skills and increased their education, will make less money.  Those who have worked hard to improve themselves will be able to afford gardeners and house keepers.


Being Irish I have a family history of escaping starvation, tyrany and apathy to come to a Country that did not treat the Irish much different until folks learned the contributions we would soon make to this adopted Country's history. Being given a chance to assimilate and contribute is all an immigrant wants, and as a Country of immigrants we should want to do that!!  Come-on folks...try!!   


The debate needs to move to a simple question:  Do we want life in America to be worse in order to bring in all these people fleeing their own country's problems?  They aren't going to make things better for us here - they bring their problems with them.I'm not saying we shouldn't let them come in, but if we think we all benefit we're fooling ourselves.


My heart broke too. I’m running low on hope, may I borrow some?

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