There are times when my aging body reminds me how the years are flying by. Last night I had to lean on the bed as one knee reached the floor and then the other as I gingerly knelt to say my prayers. Then it was a struggle to get to my feet again. There are times when I skip the kneeling part. Have you ever crawled in bed and said your prayers?

I don’t know about you but that puts me right to sleep. I really think that God will listen to me more when I am fully awake and demonstrating reverence and humility through kneeling. So, when I have something real important to discuss or ask Him, I always kneel.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the act of kneeling. The dictionary describes kneeling as an act of reverence and submission. Webster says, “The act itself communicates a message of humility.” In everything I have read or been taught, I have never heard of kneeling being used to signify defiance or disrespect.

It confuses and saddens me when I see the hate and animosity directed to the NFL players who choose to kneel when honoring the flag and our nation. These strong men are showing humility and reverence to the flag. They are also kneeling to the fans in the stands and the fans viewing at home. They must have something real important to discuss or ask of us as fellow citizens of this land of liberty. Maybe we should try to hear what that is.

It is untraditional to kneel in reverence during our national anthem rather than stand with hand over heart in reverence. It would be untraditional for me to stand by my bed at night with my hand over my heart to say my prayer to my God. As I continue to age I think that might be a welcomed option. When I do, I know that my prayer will be heard just as surely as if I were kneeling. I have decided that when someone kneels before me and our flag I am going to try to listen for the true message and feel the humility and honor being demonstrated. Will you join me?

Judy Garcia Parker

Salt Lake City

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That's simply ridiculous Judy.  The players have openly stated that their intent is to protest the flag, not honor it.  Their protests are as silly as your letter.


How did this happen!!! Someone with common sense, humility and compassion writes a 'letter to the Editor'.  How refreshing! Will people listen...I doubt it , but I surely respect her for writing it. 

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