We need a more conservative U.S. Senate that will support President Trump. I do not believe Mitt Romney is the right person. Mike Kennedy is only 49. His background is a Family Doctor & Attorney and proven conservative State legislator for six years. He is perfect for all conservative values. I know that Mike Kennedy does support President Trump. If you are not for our president then the insiders will love you! I have studied politics all my life and I know what is happening. Don't believe the Anti-Trump media. Many are attached to insider organizations. We need a new Senate! Mike is the one! Spread the word!

Kathy Astle

Mountain Green, Utah

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It seems that you only believe that those who vote the same as you fully understand the issues.


"Don't believe the Anti-Trump media. Many are attached to insider organizations."Ignorance is bliss.


Kennedy is far too right-wing conservative.


People who don't understand the isuues do a great disservice when they nullify the vote of those who do understand the issues.  The most patriotic thing for those who don't understand what is going on is to NOT VOTE !


While governor of Massachusetts, Romney created Obamacare, signed an "Assault Weapons" ban, and has voiced support for taking away our right to a jury trial if the government accuses you of being a "terrorist".  If you liked Obama, you will also like Mitt, a liberal in conservative clothing.


The only "stupid" thing is NOT voting.


Good points.  Utah will stupidly vote for Mitt, but it’s a big mistake in my view.

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