2021 will be better than 2020, or so some think. Not so fast my friend. Things will only get better when the Liberal minded “leaders” in our government take their collective boot off our necks.

Many government leaders have been a bigger problem than the Covid19 pandemic, or rather, scamdemic. This is not to say the virus is a hoax, Liberals in government caused this disaster. Seizing the opportunity of this virus to misdirect our lives, while the mainstream media willingly carried their false message.

The United States has never closed down for anything, not the attack on Pearl Harbor, or the attacks of 9/11, or the H1N1 virus of 2009. Liberals in government have hurt us, horribly.

While our country shut down the private sector of business, the government sector stayed open. If you worked for a private employer, the odds are that you lost your job, or got furloughed. If you worked in government, Federal, State, or Local, you probably didn’t get furloughed and if you did, you got repaid later. And, you might get a “Covid Relief Check”. Not bad, keep working during shutdown and get paid relief money. That poor waitress that was sent home for 3 months won’t get her wages and a relief check, only government workers get that. Government officials had their paychecks continue, and they didn't get furloughed.

We're in a man-caused disaster, evidenced by the areas hardest hit by government mishandling of Covid19. Liberal-controlled California, NY, New Jersey, for example. Lockdowns don't work. While Florida, Texas, South Dakota, and others fared well. States run by Conservatives, they let their citizens live life. Utah is a hybrid of sorts. Although the Governor, and his successor, are “Republican” they are awfully Liberal. Liberals love controlling people and it’s hard to stop them.

We’ve known for 100 years that masks don’t work! No scientific evidence supports wearing them. Masks don’t stop a virus. It’s like throwing sand at a chicken wire fence.

So, until these Liberals quit pressing us down, 2021 will be the same, or worse, than 2020.

Kelly Moore


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