Response to "Criminals silencing my voice."

I want to once again remind all who read the Letters to the Editor that I have spent my life and professional career trying to help people live better lives and to respect the lives of others. I believe in the Constitution, and specifically in this case, the freedom of expression. I want to make it clear to the readership that I am not the ultra conservative far right and what appears to be an unreasonable person named Philip Johnson, who needs to name call and denigrate individuals who do not agree with his brand of politics. That Mr. Johnson, who writes frequently with his Letters to the Editor, very negative and degrading comments about anything not Trump, has continued to make it necessary for me to clarify to a number of individuals that I am not that Philip Johnson. That person has a right to his thoughts, beliefs, feelings and ideology, just as everyone else does. However, I wholeheartedly disagree with virtually everything that I have read that he has written in his Letters to the Editor.

That being said, I also do not believe that destruction of his property was civil or appropriate. It was a criminal act and should be viewed and addressed as such, regardless of political persuasion. I just wonder why he concludes that it was a "violent, Trump hating anti-American."

I want individuals who read the Letters to the Editor to know that I am not that Philip Johnson.

Philip B. Johnson

South Ogden

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