When I opened the Ogden Standard-Examiner recently -- the following headlines appeared without moving my cursor at all:

  • First leader - "Parents sue" about the tragic death of a university student
  • Second leader - "Home searched" about a missing university student, and by noon we heard of her tragic death
  • ¬†First full headline: "Teenager's body found at Corinne Park"

Then as I was exercising with the TV running, an ad was played for an upcoming series called "Evil."

Please tell me how the new series, as well as those police and crime series, and all the violent or terrifying series such as "In Between", "Blacklist", "Enemy Within", etc., etc., are helping build honest, hard-working citizens? How many of these have uplifted the tenor of our nation today?

I do not watch TV very often -- especially "Prime Time" which seems to have dubious themes more often than not. I feel the headlines of our news, reflects the moods portrayed in most of the prime time offerings. Our news is tragic and difficult enough. If we do not watch, maybe the producers will feel the need for positive change. History and positive teaching can provide entertainment while building and lifting up.

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake

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