Ted Halstead was among the top thinkers and activists of his generation. His dedication and passion to address the climate crisis and build the largest coalition of business, environmental and thought leaders around a bipartisan climate solution was incredible. It’s a tragedy for the nation and the world that Halstead died suddenly in a hiking accident earlier this month.

Halstead’s TED talk in 2017 was what first got me interested in the carbon dividends plan. I could feel Ted’s dedication and passion to tackle the climate crisis. The carbon dividends solution is pro-environment, pro-business, and pro-growth. It will unlock innovation to address the climate challenge and also help American families get ahead.

Halstead was not a normal conservative, he had a gift for bringing both sides together behind a practical plan to solving climate change. It’s time we break the partisan climate divide. Every American should invest 12 minutes to watch Ted Halstead’s TED Talk, “A climate solution where all sides can win.”

Bill Rappleye


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