Republicans for Trump believe that scientists, historians, scholars, economists, and journalists, have devoted their entire careers to deceive them, while a TV clown with decades of fraud and well documented lying is their only beacon of honesty. Trump sycophants blame Democrats and the mainstream media for everything that continues to make their life an endlessly miserable experience. They make bizarre claims and concoct unbelievable conspiracies as imbecilic as the Qanon crazies do. If you don’t know who Qanon is you better learn fast because they are quickly being assimilated into the late Republican Party that is now Trump's pseudo-republican machine. He likes them because they like him. In their alternate reality, they believe Trump will break up a group of pedophiles. ‘Q’, whoever he is, has it wrong. Trump is in league with the predators. His association with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell proves it. Republican revisionism misleads voters. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) claims that the Mueller report found nothing and that Trump was not impeached. Trump WAS impeached. Mueller found that Trump committed numerous acts of obstruction and indicted many of his 2016 campaign managers. They are now in prison except for Roger Stone who had his sentence commuted for not flipping on Trump. In case Fox didn’t tell you, the GOP led Senate Intelligence committee reported last week that Russia did interfere in the 2016 election and that Paul Manafort conspired with a Russian spy. It’s not only Democrats that Trump is facing. Prominent Republican groups are supporting Joe Biden. They see what Trump is doing to our Democracy and to American institutions and traditions. One group is the Lincoln Project and one created by Evan McMullin, Stand Up Republic, is meant to ensure that Trump upholds democracy and tells the truth...good luck. Trump says America will devolve into chaos under Joe Biden, but that’s what’s happening now under Trump. Trump exploits the chaos to spread fear and refuses to condemn the white supremacists that instigate and intensify the turmoil. A real president would calm fears, Trump spreads it.

Dale Laursen

Brigham City

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