Up on the Housetop Reindeer pause,

Out jumps good old Santa Claus.

Down thru the chimney from New DC,

With lots of bills Dems want to see.

Ho, Ho, Ho who would have known,

Masks for everyone must be worn.

Off to the White House click, click, click,

New Laws are coming, quick, quick, quick.

First comes the stocking of Donald T,

He wants a recount for all to see.

Joes want his power soon to tally,

He thinks recounts are all just folly.

Next comes the stocking of Nancy P,

She wants a large majority.

Behind comes Ocasio-Cortez,

Marxism's best for all she says.

Ho, Ho, Ho, who wouldn't go,

Off to Hawaii with Rep Carillos.

Travel bans exist for you and me,

But Gov officials travel for free.

Next comes the stocking of Andrew Cuomo,

He has an anchorman spot to promo.

Santa please fill his stocking well,

Funded by the highest state tax bills.

Ho, Ho, Ho, who wouldn't go,

Off to Christmas with Grandpa Moe.

But since Covid restrictions we,

Must cut our family down to three.

Next comes the stocking for citizens all,

Tired of the riots and vitriol.

We want a Christmas united and free,

From Politicians who Ride for Free.

Lana Wall


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