It was indeed a huge disappointment for much of our local community, with the limited opening of Ogden's Christmas Village this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Ogden Breakfast Exchange Club — which typically holds its annual fundraiser for Shoes for Tots, through sales of hot chocolate and cookies — was unable to have their booth at the park this year. All the proceeds of hot chocolate and cookie sales go towards the purchase of shoes for local school children. With the help of Mackenzie Signs and R & O Construction, we were able to have a wonderful sign in the park, which encouraged visitors to go to our website and donate money, in lieu of purchasing hot chocolate. Anyone that has seen how Shoes for Tots has benefitted our local community over the years, will understand how important this annual fundraiser is. We encourage anyone who can, to donate to Shoes for Tots, any amount to — Please just click on the Donate Button on the Home page. Thank you Ogden, for your support of this 43 year old fundraiser and we sincerely hope to see you next year!!!

Marshall Konzen

Shoes for Tots Fundraiser Chair, Ogden Breakfast Exchange Club


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