Recently it seems that a lot of people are getting their panties in a knot over the death penalty. Do you know that Utah has around 18 steps of appeals versus most states at three?

Those of you in Ogden area that remember back in the mid-1960s and the “Hi-Fi” killers, should still be outraged that it took 25 years of your tax money to finally get justice for the families involved. At that point in time, it cost around $15,000 per inmate to house them. Twenty-five years later, it was around $87,000 per inmate. Last I heard it’s around $137,000 per inmate.

Just think about this. Ronny Lee Gardner took 25 years. Curtis Argyle is now over 10 and Ron Lafferty is at 34 years. What a pure waste of your hard-earned tax dollars. The families affected most by those crimes need a full closure.

Back in the 1980s I worked on a construction site with one of the “Hi-Fi” survivors. This person had a pencil shoved in his ears and was forced to watch a loved one be raped and murdered. I will never forget that person or his witnessed tale. He was lucky he survived.

For you soi-distant do-gooders who want the death penalty abolished, might want to re-access the costs and heartbreaks. If anything, just drop the steps of appeals to three.

Russ Larsen


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