The article in the Standard-Examiner on Monday, June 29, 2020 "Advocates say '8 can't wait" included some interesting comments by local activist Malik Dayo and Ogden Police Chief Steven "Randy" Watt. Each of their comments gave some viable solutions to recent problems. They each offered reform ideas that would help provide racial equality with changes in police policies. Their agendas appeared quite different in how to accomplish the desired results. One important thing that would help eliminate a great deal of conflict would be to inject ACCOUNTABILITY into the equation. When someone shoots, injures or kills another person they must be subject to the same law and no one should be above that law. As of now the police are being held accountable only by District Attorneys who are just another arm of the law. We need an accountable system wherein the police would be subject to a committee of the people who would then decide if there was reasonable cause to move the situation forward to a possible trial and a jury of the people. This would be consistent with everyone being treated the same under the law. Just as the people are now subject to a possible trial and jury of the people. This would protect the honorable policemen and punish those who are not.

Ronald R. Nelson


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