I am ashamed of our legislators. There have been multiple mass shootings, and we all pray for the victims, watch interviews of the survivors and lower the flags as if these people were heroes. They were not heroes; they were victims. Their right to life has been snuffed so that gun advocates do not have their “rights” jeopardized. Who stands up for the innocent?

I really doubt the second amendment was written so there could be more deaths from suicide, more deaths from domestic violence, and more deaths of innocent bystanders — all at the hands of guns. What is the militia our legislators are trying to protect?

Polls show most Americans favor some restrictions on gun ownership. Increase background checks, ban assault rifles, allow red flag warnings, disallow stabilizing braces and ghost guns. No one is demanding people give back their guns. Creating these rules may not save many lives and may not change much, but they will do more than wringing our hands. If they save one life, it will be worth it. That life may be yours, or mine, or my child’s, or even one of our gun toting, NRA supporting legislators.

Patty Becnel


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