In response to M. Jensen's recent letter asserting that the Bible endorses socialism, I respectfully disagree. In my opinion, the Bible does not endorse socialism as we know it. The big difference between the practice of the early Christians and contemporary socialist governments is "pure and simple" and is this: Free Choice. The early Christian saints chose to donate their goods to assist those less fortunate because they were trying to be Christ-like. Today, socialism is constrained by heavy handed governments, removes free choice and forces compliance. In almost every case, the leaders of these governments tend to be "more equal" with much greater liberties than the common folk. In my view, contemporary socialism is Satan's counterfeit of the Lord's way.

The U.S. Constitution is an attempt to establish free choice and fosters an environment where capitalism succeeds. The success of American capitalism has traditionally been the envy of the world and has allowed Americans, in general, to be good and generous to others less fortunate. America, for all its faults, has traditionally been the largest contributor to developing countries as well as the United Nations and its outreach programs. This has even been true under White Houses and Congresses under Republican control. We as a people are not far enough along on the road to being Christ-like that we can successfully live as the early Christians tried briefly to do. We probably will not be far enough along until Christ returns.

Eric Matheson

North Ogden

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