I would like to express my appreciation to Nancy Blair for the great work she did as a teacher in the Ogden City School District while she worked there. I was able to serve as the principal at Polk Elementary for eight of the years Mrs. Blair worked. I was grateful she was teaching second grade at Polk because it was a rewarding experience for students to be in her class and I knew the children in her class were cared for, loved, taught, and expected to behave and perform.

She now is a candidate for a position on the Ogden City Schools Board of Education. She will complete her first term at the end of this year serving on the board. I would recommend her to serve again.

I found Mrs. Blair to possess qualities that would make her a strong candidate to serve another term on the board. She was not afraid to do what was right and she could still maintain good relationships with all involved. She got along well with others.

She has a background in education, having taught for a number of years. She was able to use her skills as a teacher to help other teachers in their classroom positions. She knows what constitutes good teaching and good schools. This background and knowledge would prove very helpful on the board.

She knows the children that attend the Ogden School District. Her own children attended Ogden Schools and she has a background in Ogden Schools' history and environment. That would serve the children and the district in a healthy way. I know from her experience that she wants the schools, the children, and the teachers to be successful.

I would recommend her to continue on the board. She is a good person, and honest and forthright in her endeavors. We need individuals of her character to serve in these kinds of positions.

Dale Thompsen


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