As a former Ogden School District teacher, I am very pleased that the Board of Education has Nancy Blair as a board member. Her 29 years of teaching experience at Polk Elementary provides the Board a distinct advantage: a teacher’s perspective. When the hard decision about how and when schools should return came up, I guarantee that Nancy’s experience, mind, and perspective carried a lot of weight in those decisions.

Ogden School District has been complimented and envied for its creation of Ogden Online School. It is a K-12 online teaching option for families. It has dedicated teachers and administrators who focus solely on the students participating in “at-home” learning. This strategy has removed an additional stress for the “in-class” teachers. Other districts have their teachers do both “in-class” and “at-home” learning. Well done Ogden School District and the Board of Education, for providing our students with focused, dedicated teachers during this crisis.

Hopefully the voters allow Nancy to continue to be that wise and needed voice. She has the enthusiasm and energy to continue devoting her time to the Ogden School Board — making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely and making sure important issues are being addressed.

The Ogden School District is moving in the right direction. Let’s keep it going and vote Nancy Blair!

Darla Blodgett


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