We are writing in support of Sue Ann Burton for the Ogden School Board. We have been residents of Ogden for the past 46 years and have had five children attend Ogden city schools and graduate from Ogden High School. Sylvia has been a school teacher and an advocate for the children of Ogden for many years.

When we examine candidates for elective offices we try to determine if they have qualities and attributes that are productive for the office they seek. These attributes include a desire to serve evidenced by their participation in volunteering for committees and programs associated with the office they seek. They must have the ability to understand and question policies, programs, procedures, budgets and thereby be an effective advocate for the people affected by the office they seek, in this case our children and grandchildren, as well as the taxpayers. We are interested in having someone who listens and understands, rather than simply promoting their own agenda. I am interested in electing someone who can make a difference, rather than just fill a seat on the Board.

We highly recommend Sue Ann Burton as one who fits the criteria.

Sue Ann has actively been involved in the school system in Ogden for many years. She is the mother of nine children who have attended Ogden schools. She has attended for several years the School Board meetings and Board work sessions so that she might be informed as to how they work and understand the decisions made. She has a degree in education and has taught in the Ogden School District.

As a mother she will be concerned about the needs of the children in the district. As a former school teacher she will be able to respond to teachers' needs and concerns. As a taxpayer she understands the value of a dollar and will pinch every penny spent to gain the greatest value.

We are pleased to recommend Sue Ann Burton for the Ogden School Board and ask with great enthusiasm for your vote in her behalf.

George and Sylvia Cobabe


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