Two good candidates in District 5 are seeking a seat on the Ogden School Board this year. They are running against each other. Both have good credentials to represent our students, faculty and staff, they both have teaching experience in the classroom and they both have family/children educated in the Ogden City School district.

So, who do I vote for?

I am voting for Sue Ann Burton and this is why. Sue Ann decided to be an advocate for her community by regularly attending school board meetings and updating her community on the issues. It was important for her to educate herself with current affairs in the district. With diligence and preparation, she has attended board meetings for the school district for almost five years, the only candidate to do so. She has researched the issues by talking with students, parents and teachers. She is well versed on the challenges the school board faces and has been working on solutions and a vision for the future. She is a consensus builder with diplomatic skills. She is fair and honest in her dealings. She knows how to work efficiently and get the job done. She is cognizant of the sacred responsibility to use tax dollars wisely and make them stretch. She is an excellent mother of nine great children, four of whom are currently enrolled in the Ogden School District in elementary and high school, the other five of whom have graduated from the system. She is as concerned about the welfare and education of her children as she would be for yours. She is committed to small class sizes, STEM programs, technology advances and innovation. She is a fierce advocate for enrichment opportunities for faculty members, staff and students. I have had the wonderful privilege of working with Sue Ann in various capacities over the years and feel very comfortable and confident that she would make an excellent school board member. She will represent everyone well and fairly.

I hope you will join me in voting for Sue Ann Burton.

Meg Naisbitt


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