I read with dismay a previous article quoting Mayor Caldwell that he was "briefed" by the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (WBWCD) on the condition of the water storage in Pineview Reservoir and its effects on the water supply for Ogden City. However after what seems like silly conservation "methods" of gardens in park strips, nothing concrete was proposed or adopted by the Mayor or City Council including dropping the requirement for green lawns throughout Ogden City or reducing secondary water to most of the East Bench.

Then Jonathan F. Perry writes a piece confirming what everyone knew, that we have been in a water drought for several years and only by sheer luck did we have normal runoff in the Spring of 2020 which allowed Pineview to fill. Now that the March 2021 snowpack numbers are in they are predicting that Pineview will not fill.

What is astonishing to me as a past snowpack forecaster is that WBWCD pulls down Pineview and Causey every year in the Fall to the same level assuming 100% average snowpack conditions and the same soil moisture conditions, this is not management, it is elementary guess work with very serious consequences for Ogden City and for the farming communities downstream of both reservoirs.

With the channelization of the Ogden River through Ogden City there is no need to draw down the reservoirs so low in the Fall of every year when you have the capacity and time to draw them down in early Spring if in fact the snowpack numbers are high.

Also who is actually tracking the water rights of users to confirm that they aren't asking for and receiving more water than their rights allow, thus contributing to the lower reservoir levels?

Additionally almost every day this Spring WBWCD knowing we are in a drought cycle has the overflow valves on the siphon across the Ogden River near Rainbow Gardens open releasing "excess" water that should be stored in Pineview.

Seems like "Management" needs to revisit their old and outdated ways.

Larry Beddome


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