Sen. Deidre Henderson shouldn't be the next lieutenant governor of Utah because as a state senator, she ignored constituents.

Not that the issue I emailed her about should matter, but as Henderson's constituent, I emailed her about the same judge assigned to a case also determining if the time to appeal a case before the Court of Appeals can be reinstated. I said that seems wrong to me, and that while I don't expect the appellate court to review it, I don't know what judge who ruled a certain way in a case is going to allow his or her judgment to be altered if they can help it.

She didn't even respond.

If I was a state legislator as she is, I would expect myself to reply, even if I disagree. Even a general "Thank you for your concern" would be good. (It's not uncommon to do that -- Sen. Todd Weiler does.)

And now, we're considering electing Henderson to a position that is over the entire state when she doesn't even respond to concerns of just one district?

Rhett Wilkinson


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