In response to Cherie Gilmore’s letter on May 4, concerning small boy lost at the park: I loved the statement about "preparing your Sunday School lesson or cooking meth." Parents in all walks of life neglect their children. When my daughter was young, she constantly worried about the children of a family who had "so many children (they) didn’t know what to do;" locked in their rooms for hours on end or left outside to their own devices.

My neighbors have kids who don’t understand the intricacies of crossing the street. Although we live on a fairly low traffic area, that traffic does tend to exceed the speed limit horrendously. I’ve seen a few close calls, shouted warnings; no parent in sight. It’s not just the family of the child who suffer after an accident; it is anyone involved; driver, witnesses, first responders, law enforcement.

Lately there have been a couple of mother’s boyfriends murdering toddlers over potty issues. Comments included something about "feces issues when potty training." What? I’ve never heard of that. Change their poopy, wet diapers before they play in their own poop! That is sick! Terrible neglect!

Your kids deserve your attention. If you don’t care about them, I do. Change their diapers, teach them about crossing the street, take them by the hand. Know what they are doing! Pay attention! Love your kids or let someone else!

Gayleen Bennington


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