I read with great interest the article about the fears of Black moms raising sons in America. I am the adoptive mother of two Polynesian children. My fears match the Black moms. My beautiful children at the age of 12 were kicked off the FrontRunner for no reason that we could discern, even after a phone call to the UTA security chief since no incident report was written up. They were returning from Lagoon with several teenagers and the white children were allowed to stay. My children have been followed in Fat Cats by security guards & told to leave because they did not have an adult with them, again several groups of white teenagers were left alone. Because my children have dark skin, they were taught at a young age to lift their arms up in a non-threatening manner and ask permission to call me. I also fear for my children. I sincerely hope that good comes out of these protests. If only to be able to protect our beautiful children. To allow those with prejudice to examine their behavior and allow them to see beyond the color of skin to see the other humans around them and delight in our diversities.

Crystelle Bergeson


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