Biden is president! Or is he? As the election increasingly points to a Biden victory, Republicans are clinging to hope of election fraud. While definitive evidence of election changing fraud has yet to be found (although it could be), one conclusion ought already to be clear. The manner in which presidential elections are conducted needs significant reform.

Whether you are conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, both sides should support simple, common-sense measures that give the American public a more transparent and monitored election. Where are the audits? Why aren’t there cameras? Why aren’t ballots double-checked by people in separate rooms? Why is it that two weeks after November 3rd, votes are still being counted?

To call the fact that these measures aren’t already in place ridiculous would be an understatement. While we trust states to produce election results, national standards ought to be in place so that the nation can feel confident in the results.

If election reform is not implemented, the consequence is a continued erosion of public trust. As the Trump campaign exhausts their legal rights to ensure legal and only legal ballots are counted, let’s not forget the bigger picture of election week: A mess that desperately needs cleaning.

Joshua Christensen

Pleasant View

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