The Seattle district known as CHOP, Capitol Hill Organized Protest, has been occupied by demonstrators and is starting to break up. This is a small community in a City. All successful societies think of the well being of their children 50 to 100 years down the road. The CHOP zones may be the wave of the future and could be a factor here in Utah. Think of the implications of this. In a survey 1 in 3 Californians wish to secede from the U.S. All they need to do is to organize into CHOP zones.

Now, let’s consider the implications for our Great state of Utah if the CHOP movement craze were to take hold here.

If Provo wants to become a CHOP theocracy, let it. If the Midvale CHOP wants to have Spanish as its official language, let it. If the Salt Lake CHOP wants all electric cars or no cars at all and Vernal CHOP wants polluting pre-2006 diesels, let them both have their separate ways.

As the Seattle CHOP has a warlord for its President, this also would produce a great variety of Presidents for the CHOPs of Utah. The Avenues could draft Jim Dabakis as their President. Provo could have whoever is the President of the Church. Vernal may well want oilman Rex Tillerson.

Seriously, the anger on both sides is so great I’m wondering when the first shot of the second civil war will be fired. The CHOP zones could relieve this stress. Every four to eight years one side abuses the other side and it has become psychologically damaging to us. As in an abusive marriage the health of the children (us) should be of ultimate importance. As in any divorce there would be pain during CHOP’s custody battle and the dividing up of assets. A long and painful process. Every CHOP of the country could share in the assets and debt.

Jeff Tjas

Salt Lake City

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